I’ve always been one to display photographs of happy memories. We left all our frames packed up in boxes when we first moved in as we had so much work to DSC_0378do before we were anywhere near the stage of accessorising. Two years down the line we were finally at that exciting stage. During that period of time we’d also got married so as you can imagine had a whole lot of new photos we could display.
We decided to have a ‘wall of fame’ – lots of pictures of our family and friends at our wedding, in a mish mash of frames set out in a bit of a random fashion, I love it and when people come round they always dawdle down our hallway looking at it.

In contrast to this we have a big (boring) plain wall in our dining room, this was one of the first rooms we did up and I’m itching to change it but we thought we’d try out another photo display first. We went for a structured grid style for this one in contrast to the wall of fame and featured some of our favourite places that we’ve been on holiday together.

My top tips for creating these sorts of displays are (for a structured one) make sure you lay it out on the floor first – turn the frames over and work out the measurements (remembering to leave enough room for a gap) first. For the random approach, we ended up doing just that. We did set them out first on the floor but as there were so many different frames and sizes in the end we just put them up randomly by eye and I have to say I think it worked just as well as the ones that are planned out.