Wheels in motion 

A quick update on our latest project. We submitted plans last week for our extension, now crossing fingers and toes we can get planning permission. It took a little bit of time to find the right architect and then final plans that really worked for us but we’re now really excited. We’ve put in for a double storey down the side of our house which extends a little out the back as well. We have a 250ft garden so loosing a bit of the garden really isn’t an issue for us. If approved, it’ll give us an extra bedroom and bathroom upstairs plus a huge open plan kitchen/diner/family space with a utility room at the front of the house. Moving to the next house on the ladder really isn’t an option right now, plus we love where we are, so this really would enable us to make the space really work for us. We’re a year or two behind on what was our original timescale for this when we bought the house but I think living with the space for that bit longer has really helped us to be clearer with what we want from extending. I’ll keep you posted. 


New projects 

It’s been a ridiculous amount of time since I last blogged. Life has been very hectic with a toddler, a return to work and a number of house projects underway! 

We’ve started putting the wheels in motion to extend our house. When we bought it this was always the plan and now feels like the right time to do it. We’re in process of getting plans drawn up so it’s very early days, but it’s very exciting as we’ll likely change the layout of the house downstairs a fair bit plus gain extra rooms upstairs. Lots of blog posts to come on that I suspect.

In the meantime we’ve been working on our spare bedroom. We thought this one day may become the bathroom so didn’t plan to do anything as yet but after discussions with our architect we now know it will definitely be a bedroom. So we’ve started doing it up for little B. We had to rip out some old cupboards which used to have the hot water system in, a lot of mess but it’s really opened up the room. I’m starting with a blank canvas, we’ve so far painted the walls and ceiling in Farrow & Ball’s Wevet. But I have a plan in my head for a mural wall and lots of other little features to make it a fun space for him that will hopefully work for a few years as he grows