Leftovers, still… 

We had an amazing Christmas. And an scrummy Christmas dinner, our turkey was a free range bronze from our fab local butcher. I tried to not go too mad with extras like cheese and things but we still ended up with a fridge full of stuff which we’ve slowly gorged ourselves on since the big day. I have been running out of ideas for how to use things up, I hate to waste food.

Today’s blog recipe is inspired by my mum. We had lunch at hers today before taking the little man swimming. She’d made some savoury scones using her cheese leftovers. Joshua happily tucked into a Stilton and cranberry one and it inspired me to use mine up in the same way.
I’d only got Brie left so this is a recipe for Brie and cranberry savoury scones. I made half into adult sized and the other half into Joshua sized portions so that I can freeze them for snacks.


8oz self raising flour

2 oz butter

1 teaspoon baking powder

Pinch of salt

1/4 milk

Brie – use however much you want depending on how strong you want the taste. I used about a quarter of a whole one.

Good handful of dried cranberries.

I’d forgotten how simple scones are. And you don’t need any fancy equipment. Just rub the fat into the flour using your hands until it resembles breadcrumbs. Add the rest of the dried ingredients in, I chopped the brie up reasonably small to try to get an even distribution. Then add the milk to bring it together. Roll out to about 2cm thickness, cut out your shapes, coat with an egg or milk wash and bake in a hot oven for about 12 minutes. Best eaten while they are still warm I say ; )


Merry Christmas

Phew, that’s the madness over for another year then. I hosted Christmas Day this year as my mum is recovering from a knee replacement still so the pressure was on to be up to her usual festive standards. Luckily this year we kept it small and there were just the six of us (us, my parents, my brother and his lovely girlfriend). I’d planned my menu a good few weeks in advance and I made sure I was off on Christmas Eve so that I could get as much of the prep done as possible to ensure I could enjoy the day as much as I could. This also gave me enough time to try and make the table look pretty, and have a go at creating a centre piece. Now I’ve never tried to make a flower arrangement before but I didn’t think that this was too bad an effort?!20141229-140609.jpg

I’ve discovered a great flower stall on Cambridge market, not sure how I’ve missed it all these years but I’ve promised myself I’ll take advantage of it now I’ve found it. My theme was white, grey and silver so I kept the flowers to these colours, the gypsophila I bought had a bit of added sparkle, which I wouldn’t usually be a fan of but it was very subtle and gave it a festive edge. A couple of crafty hours were spent making crackers (anyone else find them a lot harder to make than you thought they would?!) and a festive swag for our fireplace using ivy, holly and rosemary from the garden.

All in all I think Christmas Day was a success, we managed a festive walk before we had a late dinner and true to form everyone was stuffed (and groaning) and I’ve still got a whole shelf in the fridge full of cheese after I got carried away in the Cambridge cheese shop (well worth a visit if you love cheese as much as I do).

Merry Christmas everyone x

20141229-140656.jpg 20141229-140709.jpg

Gearing up for a winter fair

Phew, where have the last few weeks gone? Things have been rather busy of late whilst I’ve been preparing for the Mill Road Winter Fair in Cambridge. If you’re local to the area chances are you’ll know all about this fabulous event – if you don’t then it really is worth a visit, there promises to be something for everyone.

I’ll be launching a new range at the fair – tea towels made with vintage and new fabrics, and show casing some new cushions which aren’t yet listed on my Etsy or Folksy shops. There’ll also be some festive bunting – see, it does work all year round…

image-1 image-3

Aside from this, I’ve been thinking about how best to set up my stall, Pinterest has been really helpful in giving me some new ideas and I’ll be giving my plans a test run next weekend. From a customer perspective I think it’s really important that a stall not only looks inviting but encourages people to take a closer look, and hopefully then appreciate a unique handmade item.

If you’re in the area on the 6 December, pop along and say hello to myself and my merry little helpers x