A wedding with a baby, are we mad?

A week or so back we had our first experience of taking a baby to a wedding. Relaxing it was not, but it was so lovely to have him there with us and for him to be a part of the day. 

It was the son of our close family friends who live in Northumberland so we all travelled up there for the weekend, grumps, grandma and his uncle and auntie. We shared a cottage in the grounds of the venue which was great, it made life so much easier as we could just nip back to change him if needs be.

Dare I say it but the little man’s sleep has finally started to improve and he’s dropped a night feed. This just started to happen before we went up north so we were a bit worried about what it would do to his routine. He decided he needed a 10pm feed again while away but to be honest I think this just because he was in a different environment and hearing different noises that woke him up. Something we’ve found to be a brilliant buy was a travel cot bed mattress topper from kiddicare. It was £20 and makes the travel cot so much softer and it’s light to travel with so doesn’t take up much room. Another tip we discovered was using the sling at the church so when he got a little grizzly we could stand and bounce him around at the back quite easily. Which we had to do, for pretty much the whole service. But we kept him from having a complete meltdown, I’m sure no one else would of noticed but I would of hated to think we’d been a distraction or caused any noise during something so important. The bride and groom were so sweet, leaving a little bag of goodies for him at his place at the table, a hand puppet, puzzle and bubbles which kept him amused for most of the way through the speeches. It was a lovely day, and another weekend spent making memories. 


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