Handmade gifts

I love making things as gifts for special occasions. A few years ago I made my friends little girl a cushion for her christening and last month I had the perfect motivation to get back behind my sewing machine. I’ve made two lovely friends since having Joshua. Mr B and I just did the NHS antenatal class, we decided against nct in the end, so it was only a day session but out of a big mix of people I’ve met two fab ladies who also both had baby boys. One of them had a naming day and to mark the occasion I decided to make him a cushion which he’ll be able to keep as he grows up. Making them for boys always seems harder as thereare so many pretty girlie fabrics (and my studio is full of them!) but I opted for blue linen with a spot fabric and then sewed vintage buttons on in his initial. A week later it was our good friends twins first birthday, again I wanted to get them something that they could keep as they got older. They have such different personalities so I made two different designs but used the same vintage fabric so they work together if they share a room as they get older. I’m sure none of them at this stage are impressed with a cushion but hopefully they’ll appreciate them in years to come. 


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