Another crochet baby blanket…

I blogged a while back about some blankets I’d crocheted, but here’s my latest finished piece. My friend didn’t know if she was having a boy or a girl so I needed to go for something neutral. Yellow, white and grey were my chosen colours, in a DK wool. It’s a really easy pattern, one I pinched off one of my best friends (the crochet guru). All you do is use three strands together, use a really big hook (I used a size 8), chain to your chosen width and then double crochet away, at the end of each row chain one before turning to keep it square. I finished it off with an edge of double crochet and a crab stitch. I found this really handy video on Pinterest to learn how to do this.

The end result is a really chunky, cosy, modern looking blanket. Baby Emily’s older brother seemed quite taken by it when he helped to unwrap it – informing us we were then having a picnic on it!



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