Crochet baby blankets

Crochet is still keeping me busy at the moment. I thought I’d share a picture of these pretty blankets I finished in the summer for our friends arrival of twin girls.  They arrived a few weeks early but oddly I had just finished the second one when we received the announcement that they had entered the world! It’s such an easy pattern but looks quite complex, so it’s perfect if you are a beginner, all you need to know is a triple, half triple and double crochet. I did a variation of it earlier in the year for one of my best friends who knew she was having a little boy, the main body of the blanket was in cream and I used baby blue for the trim. Stanley apparently enjoys using it in his pram ; )

I used DK weight yarn, but if you wanted to make it warmer I think you could easily make it using two strands together.

Here’s a link to the pattern, it’s by Alison at Modern Grace Design. Check out her blog for lots of crochet inspiration!



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