Long overdue

Well apologies for the silence over the last few months, it’s been rather hectic and every time I’ve thought I must sit down and write a blog I’ve got distracted.

I’ve been working on a number of projects, a roman blind for my brother, plenty of crochet and coming up with a plan for my studio, which is now beyond messy to the point where I can’t even get through the door. Because of all this I’ve sort of put sales on my Etsy site on hold until I can do a decent stock take. I’ve got lots of ideas for some new cushion designs but I need to organise myself before I can make them. We’ve also still had / got a number of DIY projects on the go for the house – next big job is to build a summer house/ shed to replace the one in the orchard. Once this is built we can stop dumping garden furniture in the studio!

It was my birthday recently and I got the most amazing present from my hubby, something that I have swooned over for years – a KitchenAid. In pistachio. I’m totally in love with it and for anyone out there considering buying one I can highly recommend it. It makes baking so much quicker and easier and the results with the cakes are really impressive. That said I bought Mary Berry’s new cookery book, Absolute Favourites, which I think can also be attributed to the improvements – her recipes are fool proof, I adore her. I’ll post a proper review of that book soon I promise.


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