Friday favourites

I think I promised myself some time ago that I’d try and blog on a Friday about my favourite things of the week, clearly that’s not been happening… But anyway, the sun is shining and it’s time to blog.

As much as living without a bathroom has been a challenge, it’s been so exciting coming home each evening after work and after a trip to the gym to use the shower (I’ve had to up my workouts as I realised I probably couldn’t just get away with going for a shower, that really would be lazy!) to see the progress the guys have made. Yesterday in-particular was pretty good – the lighting was up, the bath in and lots more tiles were on the walls. It took me a while to find our plumber as he was working away in our loft on our new hot water system – I just followed the sounds of his singing along to the radio – X Factor watch out! It’s actually nice to see and hear people enjoying what they do and it’s made me smile most evenings when I’ve got in.

I’ve bought some lovely fluffy new towels from John Lewis this week with some vouchers we had from Christmas, they’re waiting patiently in a bag now until they can be used.

This week I’ve also been thinking about plans for the garden. Once the bathroom is finished and my brother has hung all our new doors, we’ll have plenty of time on our hands for a new project (I haven’t broken that news to the hubby yet though). We’ve got to replace a rotten shed at the bottom of the garden, the recent winds all but blew it over, so I’ve got a (shock horror) new Pinterest board for ideas for our orchard and a new shed/summer house…


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