Crochet: Round 2

I’ve picked up my crochet hooks again recently. I tried a year or so back but quickly lost interest when I realised that my capabilities didn’t seem to be able to expand beyond coasters. But I’ve stuck at it this time, and thanks to many What’s App messages with my crochet queen friend Mrs Paynter to get her to translate a stitch in a way I could I understand, I’ve been able to progress. I’ve gone a bit pin happy on Pinterest, you can see some of my favourite patterns here. There are so many fab free patterns on the site. I’ve just finished a pretty little jam jar cover to make a tea light holder (pattern here thanks to Ólöf Lilja Eyþórsdóttir).

I’m now having a go at making a scarf for myself. I struggled to find just a simple scarf pattern – there are lots for infinity scarfs or cowls but in the end I decided I’d start this one. Typically there are now rumours that the weather is going to warm up, so I’m desperatly trying to finish it so I can get some wear out of it. There’s a great tutorial linked to the pattern about how to do a foundation crochet, which I’d never done before, but it’s really easy when you know how. The pattern is in US but it’s really easy to convert. I’ll post a photo when it’s done!


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