The walnut tree

I’m often asked why I picked the name Walnut Tree Home. As I’m sure anyone who has gone through the same process knows, it’s a lot harder than you think to come up with a name that will become your brand.

When we first viewed our house, we had no idea about the size of garden it had. The estate agent’s pictures didn’t show much of the garden and it wasn’t until we walked out the back door and started to wander that we discovered all 250ft of it. Right at the very end of the garden, through a little gate and past a few fruit trees stood a huge great walnut tree, complete with rustic swing, it was at that point I fell in love and knew this was where we were going to live. So really, it made sense for me to incorporate such an important element into the name.

Gardening has taken a bit of a back seat whilst we’ve concentrated on the inside of the house, which led to a very overgrown end of the garden. We spent a whole day clearing it last week and finally uncovered the swing again…

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1


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