All wrapped up

I am addicted to wrapping paper. There, I’ve finally admitted it. I hoard the stuff. And it doesn’t stop at paper, I have boxes of ribbon, and pretty little bags – as you never know when you’re going to need it. I’ve also got a whole box of xmas wrapping, ribbon and trimmings in the loft, much to my husband’s amusement… or more accurately – annoyance. It’s a pretty exciting moment when THAT box comes down once a year. Now we’ve nearly finished the house I’ve realised I’ve not yet found a proper home to store it all – box, cupboard or shelf?

I’m also one of those people that cannot rip open presents – I’m fairly sure that wasn’t the case as a youngster, it’s not even because I want to save the paper to re-use, I just can’t bear to rip up or ruin something so pretty and I know that when I choose what paper to wrap presents in I hope people notice it.

I’ve not made any wrapping purchases for a while (as believe me I’ve not needed to) and I thought maybe I’m finally over this, who needs 3 rolls of pink polka dot paper right…? But then yesterday I made a new discovery, up popped the world of All Wrapped Up By Alice. I came across these lovely products via Twitter and the #crafthour that I took part in for the first time. The wrapping is gorgeous (and handmade) and I’ve really not seen anything like it in the shops. Now the only dilemma is how to order and have some delivered without the hubby seeing…


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