How hard can it be to find a lampshade?

Painted standard lamp

This was one of those projects that half way through I really wish I hadn’t started. After painstakingly making sure this old wooden standard lamp was painted without drips then came the task of trying to find the right sort of lampshade. I’ve never realised how limited the choice on the high street is for lampshades, and I can’t be the only one who thinks this? At one point I thought about just making my own – anyone who has any tips on this please let me know! I needed it to be big, and I didn’t realise just how big till I started trying some out. I wanted something a bit different, with a print or pattern, not too quirky but not a boring one colour shade that would blend into the background. This was to be a statement lamp, and on the practical side offer a different level of lighting in our newly decorated living room. In the end all was not lost and I found a rather fabulous drum shade by Voyage in John Lewis which compliments the Charleston Grey (Farrow & Ball) that I’ve painted the base (which I acquired for free, even better!).


2 thoughts on “How hard can it be to find a lampshade?

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